Aluminum facades

Aluminum facades

Alu fasade polustrukturalna

Aluminum facades can be divided into 2 groups

  • aluminum structural facade that gives the impression of a glass surface from the whole and is mainly intended for tall structures and structures that have a large facade surface,
  • Aluminum semi-structural facade is a system of aluminum facade that is also closed by glass, but aluminum profiles are more or less visible between the fields of glass. verticals and horizontal structures.

These types of facades generally recommend higher quality glass with a high degree of thermal insulation, such as low-emission argon-filled glass, stopsol or parsol glass, which has reflective effects, and is generally colored glass.

Alu fasade strukturalna

Alu facade structural

Such facade solutions are a relatively expensive option and are exclusive. However, the ultimate savings are achieved by the use of the facility itself, as it brings significant energy and cooling savings. The aluminum facade system is built by installing horizontal and vertical aluminum profiles, which are filled with appropriate glass. For structural facades, the glass is bonded and semi-structural through aluminum holders that are visible to a minimum. Since no guarantee can be obtained on the durability of glass adhesive, it is more common to apply semi-structural facades. One of the important features of aluminum facades is the opening of windows around the horizontal and vertical axes, but also to the outside. Such facades mainly adorn large business and shopping centers and feature modern and urban design in architecture.

m50 smartia alumil

In the aluminum facade system we use the M50 SMARTIA system of the Greek manufacturer ALUMIL. Its features:

  • width of vertical and horizontal supports 50 mm
  • high thermal insulation Uf = 1.0 W / m2K, which makes this system ideal for all climates
  • different mounts adapted to all wind loads
  • a variety of aluminum burial designs that offer the ability to create different styles
  • Degree of protection against burglary WK3

Alu fasadeAluminijumske fasade


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