Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facades are characterized by a high level of insulation of the outer walls of the building. The main feature of the panels of ventilated facades is good thermal insulation of the building in winter, as well as excellent protection from heat in summer. The existence of a free space-layer of air between the outer wall and the facade cladding (minimum 2 cm) contributes to the unimpeded air circulation and drainage of moisture from the building.

ALUBOND and FUNDERMAX panels are custom-made panels with an ideally flat surface, large choice of colors, aesthetic characteristics, easy installation, functionality and durability are common choices of architects when making ventilated facades or when they want to emphasize one part of the building. Facades do not require special maintenance and are extremely resistant to atmospheric influences. This type of facade is waterproof, absorbs vibrations well. It is resistant to shocks and various types of industrial pollution.

BOND panels are a high quality solution for modern buildings. They are characterized by longevity. Depending on the purpose, these panels are made with different fillings (polyethylene or fireproof fillings), in different thicknesses (0.4-0.6 mm with PVDF coating for outdoor use or 0.2-0.3 mm for indoor use).

FUNDERMAX facade panels are produced under high pressure and at high temperatures. The outer layer double reinforced with acrylic PUR resins provides protection from the weather. Resistant to water, solvents and cleaning chemicals, non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, does not fade, does not oxidize, can be recycled. Resistant to graphite paints that can be washed with extremely strong detergents without affecting the color and shade of the panel. The double decor of this panel allows unlimited creative possibilities for designers to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

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