Sliding and folding PVC


1. Tilting and sliding system – PSK PORTAL

Nagibno-klizni sistem – PSK PORTAL

The most popular sliding system in south Europe with excellent features in both PVC and aluminum systems. Provides excellent breathing and security for your home. Also known as the COMBI SYSTEM.


2. Lift-sliding systems

Schüco EasySlide CT 70

Schüco EasySlide CT 70

PVC-U lift-and-slide doors for terraces, balconies and conservatories.
The Schüco CT 70 HS PVC-U system is a design based on the 70 mm Schüco CT 70 system. The thermally broken lift-and-slide threshold and frame reinforcing profiles achieve excellent thermal insulation and isothermal flows.

Due to sophisticated PVC-U multi-chamber profiles, a basic depth of 70 mm and high-quality double glazing, Schüco CT 70 HS achieves excellent thermal insulation values. The threshold of the lift-and-slide door is constructed such that there is a thermal break between the outside and inside. “Draughty” floor areas in front of the door system are therefore effectively prevented. An innovative gasket system ensures maximum resistance to wind and driving rain, as well as the best possible noise reduction The tried-and-tested locking system satisfies the highest demands with regard to burglar resistance.

Thanks to the high level of system compatibility, windows and doors can be designed uniformly. The system supports the installation of aluminum cladding (possibility of coloring in tone according to the Ral map) outside of the PVC profile.



PVC lifting system – Kömmerling PremiDoor 76

Podizno-klizni sistem PVC - KBE PremiDoor 76

PVC Sliding Lift System – Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 – Suitable for turning your living room into a bright sunny garden. Excellent insulation Uf = 1,4W / m2K. Great stability, wind resistance, easy handling with minimal effort. Individual elements of the PremiDoor 76 system can be produced up to 2.60m high and up to a maximum width of 6.50m. An impressive 16.9m2 per element. It is available in standard white, as well as in other shades and wood décor that are custom made.


The PremiDoor system can pair with modern aluminum systems by installing an aluminum lining on the outside with the same visual effect, but with better U values than aluminum windows and doors. This system is called PremiDoor 76 AluClip and can be made to a maximum height of 2.40m and a width of 6.50m. It is an excellent choice in situations where the exterior of the building requires a certain appearance, because the aluminum lining can be plasticized in a large number of tones per Ral card.

PremiDoor 76 AluClip
PremiDoor 76 AluClip u beloj boji sa antracit alu oblogom

3. Classic Sliding Systems



Kömmerling PREMILINE is a sliding system characterized by quiet handling. It is suitable for glazing terraces, interior remodeling of rooms. With a high level of structural stability, it also provides a high degree of safety. Can be made in combination with fixed overhead lights. This system has a brush stroke and is applicable to objects where thermal is not a crucial factor.

4. Harmonic system

Harmonika sistem

Accordion system

Designed and developed to meet all the requirements of closing large openings in both residential and commercial areas. Can be used in aluminum and PVC systems. All wings can be folded into one end of the opening to take up less space. Ideal for transparency, harmoniously tying indoor and outdoor.

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