Roller shutter

Roller shutter

Roller shutter

Roller shutter is an accompanying but not obligatory element of the window, so it is necessary to emphasize whether the window has a shutter or not.

Although the basic function of the shutter is to darken the room, it can additionally provide protection for the object from sun, rain and snow, noise, etc. It also provides additional window insulation.

The basic division of shutters is in shutters with inner box and in shutters with outer box..

The inner box enters the height of the hole and is mounted on the window frame, which means that if the opening is 160 cm in height, the window will occupy a height of 140 cm and the other 20 cm of the shutter box. Contemporary interior boxes generally have a height of 20 cm. Blind with inner box is generally recommended as the primary choice because of its durability, firmness, better quality, better technical solution and better fit on the window. This category is set for high openings that do not greatly reduce the height of the window and do not occupy a bright surface, or for old openings that already had an inner box, which was usually located under a concrete mask.

In the production of inner box blinds our company uses only original system solutions blinds with aluminum curtain filled with polyurethane. The boxes are thermally insulated. This roller shutter system can only be installed with window mounting and not later. Depending on whether the customer wants a shutter and a mosquito net window, we offer two different inner boxes: a box with an integrated roller screen and a box without an integrated screen.

roletna sa inregrisanim komarnikomBlinds with ingrated mosquito nets: Blinds with integrated mosquito nets: This system is characterized by excellent insulation, stronger construction and simple and economical installation. It has the option of concealed installation (hidden box on the inside available for window profiles up to 73mm deep, the revision is mounted on the bottom).

What sets this shutter apart from others is the ability to install the mosquito nets in the shutter box itself. It is a very elegant solution because it involves the use of the same guide for the shutter and roller shutter. In addition, it supports the installation of motors and electronics for shutters as well as anti-theft elements.

roletna sa inregrisanim rolo komarnikom
Roller shutter without integrated mosquito net is a more affordable solution. The box is thermally insulated, but there is no concealed installation on the inside. There is no space for the mosquito roll in the box, but the mosquito net comes in a separate box and can be installed between the window and the shutter, in an additional guide (if the depth of the wall permits), or can be mounted on the shutter from the outside. This system supports the installation of motors for electric shutter drive.
roletna bez inregrisanog rolo komarnika

roletna sa inregrisanim komarnikom
An external shutter is a necessary solution if the opening heights do not allow the inner box to be fitted or if the shutter is mounted on an already mounted window. This box is aluminum, filled with polyurethane lamellae. Instalation this box involves mounting it on the top line of the bar, and the pull-out machine is mounted by drilling a hole through the side stack. The height of this box is approximately 17 cm, and when the window is closed through the glass it is visible in the height of about 5 cm.

Spoljne roletne

An external sub-facade shutter is a system with a box hidden under the facade of the building. The box is placed on the outside of the window and the front and sides are covered with a facade. Requires greater depth of wall.

It can be in two variants – with integrated mosquito nets and without mosquito nets. The service cover is mounted on the underside of the box, allowing access at all times without damaging the facade. It is an ideal solution for new buildings where there is no possibility of installing a blind with an inner box.

spoljna podfasadna roletna
spoljna podfasadna kutija
spoljna podfasadna kutija

There is a choice anyway so you can opt for one of the above shutters


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