Hardwares security

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I degree of security WK1 – involves locking windows in 5 points where through the bolt window is fixed in secure adapters. This is a basic level of security that has the similar resistance to body weight and is usually recommended for higher floors.

II Security Level WK2 – represents the next level of security and functionality for windows with eight locking points, a security handle and a safety glass. This system of fittings is recommended by our company for ground floors and basements. With these fittings, there is a safety stop at the handle that prevents you from blocking fittings by incorrectly turning the handle.

III Security Level WK3 – represents an upgrade to the security level of the WK2 with the addition of adapters and fasteners as well as higher security glass such as pamplex and similar. This level of protection repels burglaries with bouncing tools such as lifting rods, pacers, etc. The minimum bounce-back time is 5 minutes. This degree of protection is advisable for facilities that are in remote locations or no long-lived such as cottages.

WK4 and WK5 levels of safety IV and V – are the highest levels of protection that repel attacks by tools such as hammers, grinders, bullets, etc. They are mostly upgraded by installing the highest level of deflection windows and incorporating security mechanisms such as piles.


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