A very important thing in the construction or replacement of old joinery is energy savings and energy efficiency of the building.

Choosing a quality profile, hardver and glass, it can be said that half of the work is done when choosing joinery. The proper functioning of pvc windows and doors mostly depends on their installation. Often the way of installation is dictated by the building itself, the material from which it was built, the appearance and depth of the walls, as well as the requirements and wishes of customers.

We offer you two different joinery installation systems – classic and RAL installation.

Classic installation: This system is still very popular in South Europe because it is more affordable. It involves the installation of PVC elements with the help of turbo screws and PU foam. The windows are fixed to the previously prepared whole with turbo screws, and the space between the frame and the wall is filled with PU foam. Depending on the time of day (summer, winter), our installers also use special types of PU foam. This tipe of installation is applied when renovating.

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Ral installation: This installation system, as recommended and guided by the RAL Association for the Quality Assurance of Windows and Doors (RAL Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Türen e.V.), is a modern window and door installation system that contributes to the energy efficiency of the building. The RAL quality of window installation means an adequate blend of the wall and an energy efficient window that contributes to reducing the build up of moisture and its effects on the building. Although it requires more money outlay than conventional installation, it is more cost-effective in the long term because it saves more energy. There are two installation methods that achieve the RAL standard:

Installation with multifunction low-expansion sealing tapes made of polyurethane soft sponge. These strips are set on the outside of the frame, along the entire length of the window joint with the wall. Protects from the impact of rain and wind from the outside, preventing the formation of moisture and condensation in the interspace and contribute to thermal insulation in the building.

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Another way is to install joinery with special RAL foils and PU foam. The window is fitted with a special type of PU foam, and then the wall and window frame on the outside and inside are covered with foil. These foils have a waterproof properties, resistant to rain from the outside. They prevent water from penetrating the space between the wall and the window. They are UV resistant and weather resistant for up to 3 months from installation, so it is necessary to complete the finish within this period.

Pvc prozori ugradnja


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